Diamond and polishing peripheral wheels for horizontal working centers

Contouring wheels developed to combine machining speed, edge accuracy, safety and durability.
Polishing wheels for bright edge finishing even in a single pass.



  • A wide range of peripheral diamond and polishing wheels, with sectors and continuous crown, of different diameters, shapes and grits, cover all the machining needs of the most common working centers on the market.
  • BRILL-B: grinding wheels for polishing all profiles and thicknesses, long life, very effective on radii and curves.
  • BRILL-R: for polishing straight and shaped engravings up to 12 mm wide.
  • XtraLight solutions: tools made of extra-light polymer material guarantee lower noise and absence of vibrations.
  • XtraSpeed bonded solutions: grinding wheels with up to 20% longer life than the standard. The combination of XtraLight and XtraSpeed tools provides the best results in performance, quality of the finished product and ease of use.

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